Consignment Details

Thank you for your interest in consigning with us! Please read the following FAQs before consigning at ReThreads. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What do you accept on consignment?
We accept clothing and accessories for men, women, and juniors. We no longer carry wedding dresses, maternity clothes, or kids’ clothing. We will gladly welcome accessories such as shoes, belts, handbags, scarves, and jewelry on consignment. Local artisans who create upcycled/recycled crafts should contact us about selling their wares at ReThreads.

ReThreads aims to offer an eclectic mix of items – from vintage to current styles – with no emphasis on any particular style/era/designer. Acceptance is conditional based on item condition, current inventory, and customer interest.

What season are you taking right now?
Fall. We will begin taking in winter items in mid-October.

Are you looking for any specific items?
Typical hot items in the fall include lightweight sweaters, jackets, boots, hats, blouses and dresses. Costume jewelry is always a big seller any time of year.

How do I become a consignor?
If you are a new consignor, please schedule an appointment to come in with your consignments for the first time. You can contact us here or call us at 434-244-7111 to schedule a time to bring in consignments. Bring in seasonally appropriate items in good, clean, condition. We ask you to limit your consignments to approximately two shopping bags at a time. You can bring in items in bags, boxes, or on hangers. When you come in, we’ll review the consignment contract with you, and you’ll fill out your contact info so we can add you to our database. Plan to wait/browse at the store while we sort through your items. We’ll sort through and take in the items that will best meet our customer’s interests; a win-win for everyone! We will give back the items we cannot accept on consignment, or, if you prefer, we can donate them on your behalf.

I’m already a consignor at ReThreads and want to bring in more items. Do I need an appointment?
If you are an existing consignor at ReThreads you can bring in up to two shopping bags (approximately 25 items) for consignment anytime during regular business hours Monday through Thursday (10a-6p). We’ll sort through and take in the items that will best meet our customer’s interests; a win-win for everyone! We will give back the items we cannot accept on consignment, or, if you prefer, we can donate them on your behalf.

What if I can’t wait while you sort my items? “Drop & Run”
If you are unable to wait while we sort your consignment items, we offer “Drop & Run” services. If you choose to drop off consignment items with us to sort through at a later time, please plan to come back to retrieve any items we are unable to accept on consignment within 24 hours. Otherwise, we will donate any items we are unable to accept for consignment. Please bring no more than 25 clothing items at a time for Drop & Run services (jewelry and small accessories may exceed 25 items).

I cleaned out all my closets and have a LOT of items to bring in!
Congrats on decluttering your closets! If you have more than 25 items/two shopping bags’ worth of items to consign, please contact us in advance to arrange a time to drop off. We’re a small store and can’t accommodate large loads without a little notice. Thanks for thinking of us!

How should I bring in my clothes?
You can bring in clothes on hangers, in boxes, in bags, or tote bins. In other words, we’re easy to please! Merchandise must be in excellent condition. Clothing should be freshly laundered or dry-cleaned, with no holes, stains, tears, missing buttons, worn cuffs, etc. Shoes and other accessories should not show signs of significant wear or damage. Jewelry should be cleaned and in working condition.

How much do I get for my items?
Our standard split is as such: Consignors receive 50% back as store credit after their item sells. Store credit never expires and can be used anytime. If a check is preferred, consignors can “cash out” of their account and receive 25% of the sale value (equivalent to half of the store credit value). Request a check anytime in person or via email. It will be available for pickup in the store one week after your request. Most of our consignors choose to keep their store credit and “recycle” their wardrobe through ReThreads!

Can I retrieve my items if they don’t sell?
You are welcome to retrieve your items if they don’t sell during the 60 day consignment period. We do not pull items for you off the racks, so please plan to spend some time at the store looking for any unsold items on the racks. Unsold items not retrieved by the consignor become the property of ReThreads and may be subject to donation as we make room for new inventory.

Can I receive an itemized receipt of my consignment items?
ReThreads operates entirely on a manual system; as of now we do not have inventory software to track each item. If you wish to have an itemized list of your consignments, please write a list of what you brought to us either before you come, or after we have sorted and determined what we can accept on consignment. Then, if you come in to retrieve unsold items around 60 days later, we will know what sold based on what unsold items remain on the racks. We are working toward having an inventory tracking system in the future.

Do you accept wedding dresses on consignment?
We tried a wedding dress section at ReThreads for 10 months or so, and found that we simply don’t have enough space to meet consignors’ and customers’ needs. At this time, our best advice is to try selling your dress on Craigslist, Ebay, or Etsy (if vintage).

How about bridesmaid dresses?
We will take some bridesmaid dresses on consignment, especially if they are versatile enough to be worn by someone attending a wedding (not necessarily in the bridal party) or other formal event.

Do you buy clothing or just consign?
ReThreads operates mostly on a consignment model. We occasionally buy entire estates of clothing, depending on the circumstances. Please contact us to inquire.

I want my consignment credit to benefit the local community. Do you work with charities?
Several local nonprofit organizations have accounts at ReThreads. You can always designate one of them as the beneficiary of your consignment credit. We also work with local organizations for various events, fundraisers, and donations. If you know of a local organization that might like to partner with us for an event or as a consignor, please let us know! Currently the nonprofit accounts at ReThreads are: Better World Betty, Charlottesville NOW!, and What Wize Women Want. You can also designate another charity and we will send them half the proceeds of your sales.

Where do you donate items that you cannot accept on consignment?
We have worked with a number of different outlets for our donations, including local crafters and schools, community fundraiser events, AmVets, Belmont Baptist Church, The Haven, and an organization that hosts yard sales to benefit various community organizations (Etc Yard Sales). If you know of an organization looking for specific items and think we might be able to help meet their needs, please let us know! We are always looking for organizations who are willing to pick up at our door at short notice as we do not have much room for storing donations.

Click here to download our current consignment contract. Feel free to print out and bring a copy with you when you become a consignor; otherwise we will give you one when you come in.

Thank you for your interest in consigning with us!

(page last updated 10/6/15)